You find it… They’ll fix it!

That’s right. More and more cities are switching over to service request apps that allow users to find issues such as broken parking meters, potholes, lights, report them and then the city will send out a crew member to fix it.

Digital Strategy: Building a Streamlined Digital City Government

In 2011, President Obama issued an Executive Order intended to streamline the delivery of service and improve the customer service areas of the federal government as they relate to the American people.* A portion of this order was based on the fact that technology advancements which weren’t available in decades past now made it possible to create an even more effective working government accessible to all.  The Digital Government Strategy was a result of this order and put into effect in May of 2012.  However, while much of this Executive Order refers to data and safe digital strategies for the federal government, it is also important to note that all levels of government can benefit from a digital strategy.


Digital Strategy for the City Governments

Technological innovation is constantly driving initiative.  At the local government level, departments are working to adapt to the increasing need to create open communication between their employees and the public.  At Government App Solutions, we’ve built our Service Request App to give citizens and municipalities a streamlined platform to communicate, organize, and execute matters that involve the public, their safety, and their rights.


Service Request App

After learning of the need community members had for an easy-to-use platform to inform their local government of a problem, the Service Request App was developed.  Now city municipalities and citizens can work together to address local concerns.  The Service Request App allows users to submit their service request via a single method which is then filtered to the appropriate city department.

On the surface, the Service Request App can help with common issues such as:

  • Reporting abandoned cars
  • Potholes
  • Broken parking meters
  • Graffiti removal
  • Broken street lights
  • Safety concerns

City residents can easily access a digital app anywhere from any device in order to report a problem or request service.  Each reportable action is appropriately flagged for the intended department wherein the correct administrators can facilitate a solution.  The submission is tracked and managed in real-time by the interested party.


Behind the scenes, insight gained from these requests can help facilitate department needs for local and city governments moving forward.  The tools developed by Government App Solutions can be customized to export the data your municipalities need in order to make effective decisions for budgets, employment, and planning.


Digital capabilities for a safer community

Cities that utilize Government App Solutions’ mobile applications like our Service Request App will open up the lines of communication between local government employees and their constituents.  Community members will feel heard and see results from their use of this innovative application.  Neighborhoods, communities, businesses, and individuals now have a way to safeguard their environment, streets, and property in a cohesive platform.  Schedule your demo today and see how your city can partner with Government App Solutions for a digital strategy that your entire community will embrace.


“Digital Government Strategy.” U.S. Department of State.  Accessed February 2019.