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Technology & Innovation: Keeping Your Downtown Alive

Downtown, urban areas throughout the country are in a constant state of renewal.  Housing that once attracted young millennials to city epicenters are now facing empty buildings as those millennials age and their families grow.

In truth, it’s a never-ending cycle that developers have struggled with since the 1940’s.  Young adults are attracted to the nightlife, the city’s offerings, and, in many cases, the proximity to their work.  So how can technology play a role in keeping our downtown areas booming?

As millennials age out, city leaders need to find a way to attract the next generation of renters and owners by forecasting who those people will be.  Will they be young families, retirees, or single men and women attracted to the rejuvenation projects that cities are investing into their urban areas?

New technology is being introduced daily to help cities stay in touch and work with their communities. One of the leading platforms is Government App Solutions. They built a mobile app that allows users to submit ordinance violations, request service, pay tickets and stay up to date with city events and news all on one place.

While technology is one way to increase the attractiveness of a bustling downtown area, cities are adding in free Wi-Fi, smart home technology solutions, and updating how their municipalities are run through streamlined technology.  Yet, in order for these projects to be successful, city leaders need intelligent plans that result in a gain in revenue while still keeping costs appealing to their urban residents.

How can technology help cities?

Parking Enforcement

With a Government App Solutions solution, the efforts of a parking meter campaign change could reduce employee labor hours on the street while streamlining the enforcement system.  Cities looking to expand parking meter hours also have to take into account the cost of monitoring those meters and parking garages.  A mobile solution can build a smart technological plan that will grow city revenue while not jeopardizing additional costs to run a smooth enforcement operation.

Service Request

Any homeowner or renter wants to be proud of their surroundings and where they live.  Having the ability to quickly report unsightly graffiti, dangerous potholes, and cracked sidewalks lets locals take control of their living environment.  The level of pride citizens feel for their city grows and works as a service to improve the cities beautification process.

Code Enforcement

In addition to an easy reporting system for government leaders and citizens, a code enforcement solution can enhance the reporting structure for code violations.  Community members and government workers work together to support and report violations.  The process allows the citizens to bring violations to the attention of their government so time spent on tracking down reports is spent in a more efficient manner.

Other technologies

Throughout America, cities are turning to technology to increase effectiveness and to reduce unnecessary labor hours.  This allows governments to redirect those hours in efficient ways which results in increased productivity.  Open data in New York City or Palo Alto, innovative technology solutions for transportation systems in Augusta, GA, free Wi-Fi in Cedar Rapids, IA, and online reporting solutions in Los Angeles, CA are all ways cities are catering to the ongoing technology needs their downtown areas are demanding in order to keep up to date with modern growth.

Perhaps the best thing about cities utilizing technology to meet the demands of their citizens is that, when done right, the municipality will see economic growth, a reduction of violations, and an increase in revenue.  At the same time, the housing market will remain stable and community involvement grows as members work together to enhance their downtown environment.

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