Distracted Driving: Day and Night

Distracted driving may get special attention during the month of April, but it is a year-round issue that needs constant attention until all of us turn our complete focus to the road.  As the use of cell phones has increased, law enforcement agencies and state governments have directed more attention toward preventing accidents through traffic enforcement regulations and organized task forces.

Take action

Despite the initiative to curb distracted driving, we understand that officers can’t be everywhere at once.  Your police force may have more personnel on the roads in order to combat distracted driving in support of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, but what about the other 11 months of the year?  That’s where Government App Solutions comes in.  Utilizing our customizable app for Texting and Driving, your local law enforcement agency can partner with your citizens to make city streets and highways safer.

What causes a driver to become distracted?

Cell phones are the number one issue when it comes to distracted driving.  However, they are not the only culprit.  Below is a list of common tasks officers observe today on our roads:

Grooming:  Applying makeup, brushing hair, shaving, flossing and brushing teeth, and even changing clothes have been witnessed.  Leave these tasks at home before you hit the road.  You’re not saving yourself anytime once you rear-end the car in front of you.  Additionally, the lawsuit against you will take away the precious time you think you need.

Adjusting the controls:  Changing radio stations, finding your favorite song, or looking down to adjust the vehicle’s controls all take your focus off of the road.  Before you begin traveling, prepare yourself and your car as much as possible.  Adjust your mirrors and seat, find your radio station, and set your temperature controls.  Become familiar with these controls so that you aren’t distracted in a few miles.

Eating:  Snacking and eating takes your hand, or hands, away from the wheel.  The food is a distraction in itself.  But, with one less hand on the wheel, you’ll have a harder time making fast decisions and corrections to your driving and to other drivers around you.

Government App Solutions has built a solution that helps law enforcement crack down on distracted drivers.  It was created to provide a consistent stream of revenue to the city adopting the technology while reducing the cost of implementation.  Safety checks and undercover operations take time and money to execute.  The apps developed by Government App Solutions allow city officials to prioritize their needs and work with the community to build safer roads.

Are distractions worse at night?

Adding to the list of distracted driving incidents during the day is the difficulty associated with driving at night.  Bright car lights shining in your eyes from behind and ahead of you can impede your vision.  Drowsiness from a long day of work or an early morning will keep you less focused on the road than you should be.  Even the evening rush hour can contribute to accidents since people are leaving work and are still thinking over the events of the day and not on the road before them.

The best way to stay safe during the day and night is to:

  • Be well-rested
  • Be in a mindset for driving
  • Adjust your mirrors and seat
  • Stow away tempting distractions
  • Put down your cell phone

When you are able to give the road your complete attention, you’ll be prepared to avoid intoxicated drivers and other distracted drivers on the road.  As April and Distracted Driving Awareness Month come to a close, realize you should be driving without distractions all year, day and night.  You’ll avoid preventable accidents that can lead to injuries or even death.

Check out our solutions at if you’re ready to learn more.  We are driving the 3.0 city initiative that unites citizens and law enforcement to create safe streets and, in turn reduce the risk of distracted driving incidents.