Contributing to the Community

Municipalities throughout the country pride themselves in their sense of community, their local businesses, their vast array of citizens, and their ability to create a network of support and protection for those within their care.  City departments, law enforcement agencies, and local governments and community members working as one, towards a common goal, make these cities function at their best.

The problem arises, however, when individuals slip through the cracks and find themselves in a homeless situation.  These are our very own community members and neighbors who once were part of our ever-functioning society who suddenly become a burden for the city, as some are viewed.  In reality, many experiencing homelessness are contributing to society, or want to contribute, but lack the resources or skills they need.

Homelessness occurs for a number of reasons.  Foreclosures, debt, addictions, mental illness, familial abandonment, and abuse, are only the tip of the iceberg.  Many situations occurred because an individual gave up on a system that seemed to give up on them.  Others occurred because the individual didn’t want help at the time.  The point is, no case is the same, and a wide variety of situations exist that contributes to our growing homelessness rate.

So how do we, as a community, help?  Cities all over the nation are constantly implementing plans, supplying resources, aiding in job programs, and working to shelter and care for the homeless.  These strategies are meant to serve our fellow citizens, yet in 2017, the HUD reported 553,742* people on one, single night were experiencing homelessness; the first overall increase within the last 7 years.  Maybe it’s time to change the game.

What is 2nd Chance?

Government Apps Solutions is looking to support the homeless citizens of America is by offering a solution to those interested in work.  Everybody deserves a second chance, and this plan does just that.

2nd Chance is an actionable solution created by Government App Solutions to enable homeless individuals to become productive members of society.  Municipalities face decreasing budgets, and community growth every single year.  The 2nd Chance solution employs the area’s homeless population; creating jobs that city budgets don’t have room for but desperately need.

The program focuses on a common issue in cities: parking nuisances and community service request.  Often, city governments have limited budgets to manage and enforce parking complaints and other requests by community members.

How does 2nd Chance Work?

2nd Chance takes the parking enforcement issues that cities combat on a daily basis and delivers violations recorded by those hired by the company to report to your community parking enforcement department.  Our employees would then use our mobile app to record and report the violation which is then passed on to your city department to act upon. Employees go out with supervisors and have several months of ongoing training and support.

Who does 2nd Chance Benefit?

This is a win-win solution for the entire community.  Government departments that lack the funds and manpower to maintain city parking laws and restrictions have a team of trained field operators to be the eyes of the street.

The area’s homeless individuals are paid for their work by Government Apps Solutions, not their city, and given vouchers for clothing and transportation to navigate the community whether to get to self-help meetings like AA, shelters, or other areas they wish to patrol.  Each person is issued a phone on which they capture parking violations.  The solution is devised so that those in the field simply report the issue and it is up to law enforcement to take action and issue the ticket.

With more ‘boots on the ground’ capturing parking violations and problems, cities have an increase of income entering the system which can then be directed to underfunded programs the cities serve.  Additionally, our employees have access to free GED courses that can help them get the skills required for future employment.

Small business owners and their customers, who are often most affected by parking violations, benefit by an increase in accessibility to the area.

In all, everyone is entitled to the benefits of this inspiring solution founded by Government Apps Solutions.





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