Municipalities love our Code Enforcement App

Life Before and After the Code Enforcement App

Empowering citizens and local government to work together towards common goals has never been easier with advancements in mobile applications.  Government App Solutions has taken the hassle out of reporting code violations with our Code Enforcement App.  This simple app allows users to report code violations and non-emergency concerns to their local government, improving communications between community members and government channels.

On the other hand, local government departments are using the app as a turnkey system for their staff to go out in the field to capture, cite, and manage the life cycle of the violation. When local government departments sign up for the platform, they receive mobile printers that sync with the app, so that enforcement staff can also print a citation to either leave or give to the violator.

Before the Code Enforcement App

Before our Code Enforcement App, complaints that centered on city codes were called into the appropriate department.  The problem arose when a citizen didn’t know exactly who to call.  Luckily, most public departments were used to this and could helpfully guide you to the right point of contact.  However, this was time-consuming for the city’s employee and often frustrating for the resident reporting the violation.  Once the right department was tracked down, the caller then had little to no knowledge as to when the problem would be addressed.  The lack of communication and progress created unnecessary confusion and established a lack of faith in the local government.


After the Code Enforcement App

Now, with the aid of Government App Solutions’ Code Enforcement App, citizens can report a violation of the city’s code with the click of a button.  The violation is delivered immediately to the appropriate department which can then be tracked by the citizen.  Every city agency tasked with responding to local concerns can play a role in making the streets and city neighborhoods a better place.  Potholes, signs, and broken street light issues are sent directly to your Public Works department.  Your Parks and Recreation Department receives concerns involving their jurisdiction.  Building codes violations are easily reported as well as road obstructions, illegal dumping, and zoning issues.

Rather than printing, scanning, forwarding, emailing, and mailing back and forth, let our Code Enforcement app do the work.  Technology is a part of our everyday lives so why not use it to improve your city?  The Code Enforcement App designed by our team at Government App Solutions is a valuable tool.  Create efficiency among your local government departments while achieving code compliance.  Let our app bring your community closer with transparency and open communications.

The Code Enforcement App creates a branded identity for your city.  Citizens have an accessible method to encourage accountability and engagement.  Trackable progress enables local government and community members to work together to improve their neighborhoods.

For more information, you can check out the Gov App Solutions website or contact them for a demo.