Help make your city better by using this app – it’s free!

Gov App Solutions is aiming to turn regular walks around communities, into productive means of helping make your city a better place. Users can capture video and images of things needing service (broken street lights, abandoned cars, dead animals, parking violations, and more) that are automatically geotagged, and submit it to their local city office on the spot. A user can choose from dozens of customized categories ranging from the mundane (“dead tree in street”) to the frustrating (“someone is parked in the bike lane or blocking your driveway”).

Gov App Solutions can serve as an official 311 reporting tool for cities and is free to get started for local government. Some cities have paid upwards of $100,000 for a custom app to be made for their local communities. However, Gov App Solutions allows cities to customize an app for their city for free. Cities would only be required to choose a monthly subscription plan that starts as little as $199 per month.

Gov App Solutions provides community members with valuable data and status reports on the things that they submit as well. For local government, they get unlimited access to real-time data, submissions, and task management to handle the life cycle of each ticket. “The request is publicly documented and so is the feedback loop,” said CEO Gagan Johal. “This means that when you go to report, you feel empowered that the city will show up and that something is going to happen. In today’s time, it’s too difficult to find out where, what department, and/or who to report issues to. It shouldn’t be that hard, and now it doesn’t have to be”.

This platform not only provides relief to lots of frustrations but can prove to save cities lots of money. This full community management system will cut down on complaints, increase efficiency and allow staff to expedite services while cutting down on expenses.

Call centers remain incredibly inefficient and expensive to maintain. A study of Philadelphia’s 311 system by Pew Charitable Trusts looked at the US’s largest 311 programs and found that cities were paying $3 to $5 per call. In the LA audit it was noted that even if a request wasn’t resolved, it still cost the city about $6.30 per call. Cost was one of the reasons Detroit discontinued its 311 hotline in 2012.

“Gov App Solutions collects detailed data, which include but is not limited to geotags, video and photos, which if the city chooses can be made publicly available” said Paul Serdy. This can be used for applications that go beyond cleanup.

The company plans to launch in the near future chatbots that can sort through the incoming data in real-time to let users know that, yes, the abandoned car has already been reported, then send users who reported the issue a text when it’s been removed. This lets technology provide accountability that gives citizens new faith in their government.

City staff might issue citations and manage ordinances, but they can’t spot everything. People still need to be reporting what they see. Gov App Solutions allow users to play an active role in their communities and report broken sidewalks, dark streetlights, and missing street trees—features that provide critical benefits for accessibility, safety, and shade.