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You find it… They’ll fix it!

That’s right. More and more cities are switching over to service request apps that allow users to find issues such as broken parking meters, potholes, lights, report them and then the city will send out a crew member to fix it. Digital Strategy: Building a Streamlined Digital City Government In 2011, President Obama issued an […]

Today’s Modern Parking Enforcement App

Improving Community Engagement and Safety with Technology Technology continues to integrate into every aspect of our lives, so ask yourself:  as a community leader, are you using available technological resources to the best of your ability? Apps run a majority of our everyday lives.  We use them for weather, for tickets, for groceries, and more.  […]

Municipalities love our Code Enforcement App

Life Before and After the Code Enforcement App Empowering citizens and local government to work together towards common goals has never been easier with advancements in mobile applications.  Government App Solutions has taken the hassle out of reporting code violations with our Code Enforcement App.  This simple app allows users to report code violations and […]

Help make your city better by using this app – it’s free!

Gov App Solutions is aiming to turn regular walks around communities, into productive means of helping make your city a better place. Users can capture video and images of things needing service (broken street lights, abandoned cars, dead animals, parking violations, and more) that are automatically geotagged, and submit it to their local city office […]

Man pleads guilty to distracted driving incident that resulted in death

The driver accused of being on his phone moments before hitting and killing a pregnant mother is expected to plead guilty. It has been nearly three years since the crash that killed 22-year-old Megan Goeltz of Hudson, Wisconsin. Her family stated even with this guilty plea, it’s hard to call this justice. “Every day is […]

Officer On Duty Hit By Distracted Driver

The Ferguson police chief hopes drivers will pay closer attention to the road, and the law after one of his officers was struck. The Lieutenant had pulled over to assist a driver on I-270 at West Florissant at about 11 pm Wednesday. He didn’t make it far. “He was rear-ended before he ever even got […]

Distracted Driving: Day and Night

Distracted driving may get special attention during the month of April, but it is a year-round issue that needs constant attention until all of us turn our complete focus to the road.  As the use of cell phones has increased, law enforcement agencies and state governments have directed more attention toward preventing accidents through traffic […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is known to bring spring showers, but did you know it can also bring you a ticket?  This month, law enforcement agencies across the nation are reminding drivers about the hazards and risks associated with distracted driving.  While many may assume distracted driving refers to cell phone usage, it is important to note that […]

Contributing to the Community

Municipalities throughout the country pride themselves in their sense of community, their local businesses, their vast array of citizens, and their ability to create a network of support and protection for those within their care.  City departments, law enforcement agencies, and local governments and community members working as one, towards a common goal, make these […]

A Turn-Key Program that fights Distracted Driving

Ask local leaders why texting and driving is still an ongoing issue in your city and you’re bound to hear a variety of answers.  Departments are underfunded.  They need more resources.  Police are busy with higher priority crimes and the list goes on.  They are spread too thin. Distracted driving, and texting and driving injuries […]