Officer On Duty Hit By Distracted Driver

The Ferguson police chief hopes drivers will pay closer attention to the road, and the law after one of his officers was struck.

The Lieutenant had pulled over to assist a driver on I-270 at West Florissant at about 11 pm Wednesday.

He didn’t make it far.

“He was rear-ended before he ever even got a chance to get out of the car to render aid,” Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss said.

Moss calls the incident an accident but says the cause concerns him: the driver, he said, was not paying attention.

These kinds of accidents continue to put police lives in danger, he said.

“More police officers get killed in car accidents, than by any other means,” Moss said.

Distracted driving and speeding have always been problems, he said. Drivers need to pay attention, slow down, and move over.

“When you see police cars stopped, there’s a Move Over Law. So what people should do is make sure they’re seeing the flashing reds and blues, and pull over.”

Drivers can face fines, prison time, or both, for failure to pay attention to the law.

From the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s website:

“Missouri’s Move Over law requires drivers to approach cautiously when an emergency vehicle displaying red or red and blue lights or a vehicle owned by the state highways and transportation commission displaying lighted amber or amber and white lights is stopped along the side of the road. Motorists must change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if they are on a multi-lane highway and can SAFELY do so. If drivers can’t change lanes safely, or they are on a two-lane highway, they must slow down while maintaining a safe speed so as not to impede other traffic.”